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Here's what you need to know about co-living at Surfbreak HNL. If you have more questions, please contact us.

  • How do I book a room?
    We are a membership-based co-living "club". It's important that we be selective to ensure that our members benefit from their shared experiences. In short, in addition to standard requirements and guidelines for residential leases, it's important that anyone who wants to stay with us at Surfbreak HNL pass a "vibe check" for compatibility with our culture. This way, both the applicant and the other members are better assured of a great experience. Accordingly, it is not possible to simply "book a room" at Surfbreak HNL. Instead, anyone wishing to join our community must apply and be accepted. This process is entirely free, and once accepted, you will be provided a list of available rooms and current rental prices. Steps: Apply to become a residential member of Surfbreak HNL If invited (usually within several days of application), participate in a phone conversation with Surfbreak HNL so we can get to know eachother, and you can have any questions answered Select a room, sign a lease, and pay your deposit equal to one month's rent (all must be within 30 days of the start of your desired stay)
  • Why Surfbreak HNL?
    Adventure, networking, growth, and connection. We know you work hard toward your success story, and Surfbreak HNL provides you the tools and spaces you need to feel your most inspired and get work done both independently and collaboratively. More than just a coliving space with private bedrooms, we're a community of dynamic, motivated, and talented creatives who seek experience and success through collaboration and travel. This philosophy is woven into everything we do, which means we invest in our space and in you. From the moment you set foot in our 40th-floor penthouse, you'll be introduced to a community of other success-driven adventurers with whom to experience your time on Oahu. At Surfbreak HNL, you show up with a suitcase and a device, and you receive an instant community. We take our selection process seriously to attract the perfect community of warm, fun, successful people who vibe with eachother and will benefit from the diversity of our events, workshops, and volunteer experiences. Our resident members form meaningful connections quickly with their fellow location-independent adventurers.
  • Who should apply for membership at Surfbreak HNL?
    We're a community of dynamic, motivated, and talented creatives who seek experience and success through travel. We dive into self-growth through innovation, collaboration, friendship, lifestyle, and service. At the same time we celebrate individuality, being selected as a member of Surfbreak HNL's ohana includes the social benefits and responsibilities that embody aloha.​ Our residential membership is a mixture of ambitious self-starters and friendly, open-minded creatives. We welcome fun, talented people to come through our doors to build their dreams and build connections. Many of our members have worked remotely before, while others are just beginning to discover the benefits and joy of working remotely. Some are employed by big companies in the tech industry, etc., while others are their own boss. The diversity of our members and their productive focus helps to make Surfbreak HNL a dynamic community. You can meet a life-long friend, or maybe even a future business partner. Because we're a coliving space, living at Surfbreak HNL means sharing your environment with other people. While we strongly comply with all antidiscrimination laws, most resident members at Surfbreak HNL are between the ages of 25 and 40, live without a partner, are self-sufficient with ample incomes, and enjoy the Surfbreak HNL lifestyle by splitting their time between their private bedrooms and the shared common spaces. Activities at Surfbreak HNL are, of course, optional, but most weeks the resident members self-organize in-house dinners, nights out at restaurants and bars, hikes, beach days, freedives, and group date events. We select applicants who we think will become active members of this community and will both enjoy their own experience and help other members become the best versions of themselves they can be.
  • When should I apply for Surfbreak HNL residential membership?
    You can apply for membership on our website at any time for any stay, with rooms reservable for stays immediately to a year in advance dependant on availability. If your application looks like a good initial fit for one of our membership cohorts, we'll get back to you within a few business days to set up a call to answer any questions and learn more about each other. This helps us to foster a great community of friends in order to ensure your experience at Surfbreak is as positive as possible. Note: Only people accepted as residential members of Surfbreak HNL are eligible to rent bedrooms in our co-living space. Your acceptance as a residential member is good for six months, at any point during which time you may make a room reservation subject to availability. At the present time, move-in dates are flexible, and if there is room availability, residential members can move in on any day of a month to begin their lease.
  • Can I have a tour of the property?
    Unfortunately, we cannot give tours before an application is approved, as we must run a security check on accepted applicants throughout the application process. This is to ensure our privacy and security promise to members currently staying in the space. However, we do have a virtual tour of the entire Surfbreak HNL penthouse available to view here. You can fill out an application here and if you seem like a good fit, we can happily offer an in-person tour before you make the decision to join.
  • How are you responding to COVID-19?
    As a co-living and co-working community that values self-growth through innovation, collaboration, friendship, lifestyle, and service, it is important that we all act as a responsible force. In order to act with intention toward our own wellbeing and that of others, these collective steps to remain healthy are the most effective way to limit any possible spread: Greet your ohana with the Hawaiian way, with the shaka. We're washing our hands frequently throughout the day. The experts say 20 seconds should do. If we're feeling any mild symptoms of a cold or flu, we'll stay home in our private bedrooms. We're cleaning the shared spaces at a high frequency, with daily cleanings and sanitation. (Bedrooms also come with free bi-weekly cleanings as well!) Our space has an air purification device designed for viruses. For more details and information on COVID-19 in the state of Hawaii, you can stay up to date here.
  • What is your COVID-19 vaccination policy?
    In order to comply with the spirit of new Hawai'i state guidelines and concerns from current and prospective resident members regarding the Delta variant of COVID-19, Surfbreak HNL will be implementing the following rules as of September 20, 2021, for the foreseeable future: All Surfbreak HNL members, staff, and guests: Must alert Surfbreak HNL staff immediately if you experience any symptoms of COVID-19 or are feeling ill. New resident members of Surfbreak HNL: Must show evidence to Surfbreak HNL staff of "full vaccination" (as defined by the State of Hawaii) prior to or concurrent with move-in. Evidence might include an on-phone photograph of a vaccine card This generally means that 14 days must have passed from the second dose of a Pfizer or Moderna vaccine, or 14 days must have passed from a single dose of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine. Current resident members of Surfbreak HNL: Must work toward full vaccination to remain a resident member. To remain a Surfbreak HNL resident member, current members must show evidence to Surfbreak HNL staff of receiving at least one dose of a COVID vaccine by October 20, 2021, and a second dose (if a two-dose vaccine like Pfizer or Moderna) by November 20, 2021. Alternatively, current members who don't wish to show proof of vaccination must move out of residency from Surfbreak HNL by October 20, 2021. We ask that you please let us know as soon as possible whether you expect to remain a resident member or not. Overnight guests of current members (in-bedroom or guest bedroom): Must be fully vaccinated as defined by the State of Hawaii. It will be the member's responsibility to police this with their guests. In extraordinary circumstances, Surfbreak HNL staff may require evidence of vaccination status from guests. Day guests (non-overnight): Must be fully vaccinated as defined by the State of Hawaii -OR- must have a negative COVID result from any valid COVID test (at-home tests acceptable) within the prior 48 hours. It will be the member's responsibility to police this with their guests. In extraordinary circumstances, Surfbreak HNL staff may require evidence of vaccination or test status from guests. No more than ten (10) outside guests may be permitted at any one time in any single room. Surfbreak HNL Events: No indoor events planned by Surfbreak HNL will be publicized for invitation to the outside community for the immediate future, and no more than ten (10) outside guests may be permitted at any indoor event. Other considerations: Surfbreak HNL staff are currently outlining plans for how to handle the situation in which one of our residential members tests positive for COVID. Generally, we plan to keep a batch of at-home tests on-site to be able to test the infected member and/or others in the community. We would work to quarantine the member as much as possible in his/her bedroom and/or a single bathroom, and to require that the infected member wear a mask whenever outside of his/her bedroom. If practical and desirable, staff will try to help to arrange off-site quarantine locations. We also will make sanitizing wipes and sprays easily available in the common areas of our 40th Floor space for use on an as-needed basis by members. We want to keep the entire 'ohana safe here at Surfbreak and keep the good times going here on the islands. We apologize for any inconvenience and may update these guidelines as things change.
  • What is the space like?
    Surfbreak HNL takes up the entire 40th floor of our mixed-use skyscraper a ten-minute walk from the sand of Waikiki Beach. The second you arrive on the 40th floor, you'll know you're in a special place. As the elevator doors open, you're greeted and adjusted into our world with a dark, experiential, video-gallery lobby, presenting a rotating collection of floor-to-ceiling clips from the land, sea, and sky around Oahu. Passing by our Board Room (our glass-enclosed fishbowl conference room), you enter the Living Room. Wrapped by walls of floor-to-ceiling glass, The Living Room is our social hub. At one end is a full luxury kitchen with beautiful tilework and modern stainless-steel appliances, where residents can share a snack or prepare a full meal. Extending into the seating area, you'll often see resident members sitting on the high-top kitchen stools, their MacBooks open to work in a casual social setting. At our large farmhouse table, one member might be eating lunch while another spreads out mockups from a design project she's working on. In the refrigerator and in large bowls on the counter are a collection of always-stocked local meals, healthy fresh snacks, and a variety of beverages, each available for a small fee without needing to leave the 40th floor. Recent items have included meals from Da Spot, homemade chia seed pudding, apple-bananas and guavas from neighborhood farmers' markets, local beer from Maui Brewing, and nonalcoholic seltzers. At the other end of the Living Room is a multipurpose lounging area. Couches, sitting balls, and ottomans tend to get moved around every few hours by our resident members to better facilitate the mood: from conversation, to watching Netflix or sports on our large TV (muted except by agreement with those around), or a quietly social Sunday morning spent staring out toward the Pacific Ocean beyond. Radiating off the Living Room are surfboard-lined (resident owned!) hallways leading to private twin, queen, and king bedrooms, bathrooms, and conference rooms.
  • What co-living amenities are provided?
    When you show up at Surfbreak HNL, all you need is a suitcase and a device. We provide the rest. In addition to our co-working benefits, you'll find the following co-living amenities: Inside Surfbreak HNL Private bedrooms that include a twin, queen, or king bed + a desk, mini-fridge, speed-tested wired and wireless internet, linens, and toiletries (queen and king rooms also include a Samsung television with Apple TV + a safe) Bedroom maid service included bi-weekly Laundry wash-and-fold service available weekly (optional extra charge) Washers and dryers available on floor (charged to account per use) plus an available iron Shared kitchen with a commercial refrigerator; coffee machine (complimentary drip coffee; espresso/capuccino available at an extra charge); stove + oven; two microwaves; instant-hot water; and all dishware, glassware, and pots/pans needed Living room social lounge with couches, sitting balls, a television, and magnificent views of Diamond Head and the Pacific Ocean Private-per-use bathrooms shared among the member residents Free surfboards and freediving (snorkeling) equipment available for members to check out Additional amenities Access to shared tower roofdeck, pool, tennis court, running track, gym, and sauna Complimentary Biki bikeshare pass | included with membership (with bicycles available across the street) Available Hui car-share vehicle | on-site, downstairs Bicycle and moped parking | available for free in the building Nearby car parking available at adjacent monthly paid lot for $220/month
  • What is the minimum stay?
    Surfbreak HNL residential members are accepted for stays lasting from two (minimum) to twelve (maximum) months. This is intended to foster a strong community of like-minded people who can gain from their shared experiences. On a very occasional basis for exceptional members (usually with a referral or for applicants whose companies publish specific remote-working policies), and subject to additional fees, we may accept a short-term residential member for a minimum 30-day stay. In no circumstances may someone join us at Surfbreak HNL as a residential member for less than 30 days. At the present time, move-in dates are flexible, and if there is room availability, residential members can move in on any day of a month to begin their lease.
  • Can couples/guests visit or stay at Surfbreak HNL?
    Couples residing together Couples wishing to live together for an extended duration at Surfbreak HNL must apply together and each be accepted as members. Such extended-stay couples are only permitted in King Corner rooms and will be subject to an additional monthly fee of $250 + 4.712% GET. Guest rooms for visitors As an amenity for current Surfbreak HNL residential members, we offer "guest rooms" subject to availability on a first-come-first-served basis for overnight visitors that are invited by current residential members, in several formats: a guest room with two sets of stacked bunk beds (four total beds in the room), plus private twin, queen, and king bedrooms. The use of these guest rooms may only be requested by current Surfbreak HNL resident members and will be charged to the requesting member's account. Visitors staying in guest rooms will not be considered Surfbreak HNL members and will not automatically have the right to partake in Surfbreak HNL activities or amenities without approval. The Surfbreak HNL member will be fully responsible for the behavior of and any damage caused by his or her guests, and the guests may only enter the 40th Floor penthouse Surfbreak HNL space with the member's keycard. Fees for use of guest rooms (charged to the Surfbreak HNL residential member's account as an optional amenity fee): Bunk bed | single bed in shared room (four beds total in two stacked bunks) $45 + 4.712% GET per night per bed, 7-day maximum Twin guest room | private | only one person allowed $65 + 4.712% GET per night, 7-day maximum Queen guest room | private | only one person allowed $85 + 4.712% GET per night, 7-day maximum King guest room | private $105 + 4.712% GET per night, 7-day maximum Additional guest permitted for $15 + 4.712% GET per night Surfbreak HNL reserves the right to (i) change this policy at any time without notice, and (ii) reject any guest at any time for any reason or no reason at all. Overnight in-room guests Temporary overnight in-room guests are permitted, per the following policy: King Corner and Queen bedrooms: overnight temporary guests may stay, at no charge, for up to 7 nights in a 30-day period Twin bedrooms: overnight temporary guests may stay, at no charge, for up to 3 nights in a 30-day period Only one overnight in-room guest is permitted for each member at a time Overnight in-room guests may only use our common areas (other than bathrooms) when actively escorted by the Surfbreak HNL resident member that invited them, and in-room guests may not make use of complimentary snacks and beverages (other than drip coffee when available) Surfbreak HNL members will be fully responsible for the behavior and any damage caused by their guests, and the guests must be escorted by the member both in and out of the 40th Floor penthouse Surfbreak HNL space Surfbreak HNL reserves the right to (i) change this policy at any time without notice, and (ii) reject any guest at any time for any reason or no reason at all. Daily guests Current Surfbreak HNL residential members are, of course, permitted to invite visitors to share in their living space, with the malama (care) and kōkua (cooperation and assistance) expected toward the other members. Our policy for daily guests is currently informal, but please be respectful of others, and ensure that your guests are respectful as well. Daily guests may not make use of complimentary snacks and beverages (other than drip coffee when available) Surfbreak HNL members will be fully responsible for the behavior and any damage caused by their guests, and the guests must be escorted by the member both in and out of the 40th Floor penthouse Surfbreak HNL space Surfbreak HNL reserves the right to (i) change this policy at any time without notice, and (ii) reject any guest at any time for any reason or no reason at all.
  • Is there parking?
    Guest parking is available in our building garage for $6/hour, payable in cash upon exit. If you are bringing a vehicle, there are limited parking spaces available for $200/month. The following transportation/parking options are available: Free Biki bikeshare passes are provided to all residential members, enabling you to ride around Waikiki, Ala Moana, Ward, and Kakaako A Hui car share (like Zipcar) vehicle is available downstairs Moped parking is free in the building garage A commercial pay lot is available next door, with monthly rates around $220/month
  • What co-working amenities are provided?
    At Surfbreak HNL, in addition to a desk in your private light-filled floor-to-ceiling glass bedroom, you'll have access to the following: The Board Room a glass-walled fishbowl conference room within our penthouse space Additional conference rooms available with a reservation elsewhere in the building Reliable high-speed internet provisioned for 1.2 GB/sec of bandwidth for the floor, with wired and wi-fi access points installed in every bedroom Sound-resistant working spaces construction features include "Quietrock" wall board, R19 sound-deadening insulation, 1/2" resilient floating-wall mounting systems to absorb vibration, solid-core wooden doors to every room, and exterior-grade weatherstripping around doors
  • Can I work from Surfbreak HNL without living there?
    Surfbreak HNL is, first and foremost, a co-living facility provided for our residential members, and it is generally closed to the outside public. The following people are permitted into the Surfbreak HNL 40th Floor penthouse: Current Surfbreak HNL residential members Surfbreak HNL residential member alumni, upon request on a space-available basis Guests of current Surfbreak HNL residential members, subject to limits RSVPd outside attendees of Surfbreak HNL special events In the future, we may offer a limited number of daily or weekly work-only passes to a larger community, and we'll update the information here and on social media if anything changes.
  • How easy is it to connect with other members if I join Surfbreak HNL?
    Really easy. The Surfbreak HNL culture is extremely friendly and welcoming. Whenever a new residential member arrives, usually there are other members hanging out or socially working in our Living Room that'll greet the newbie with a hug or shaka. We have an internal group chat that all residential members are invited to, and it's popping throughout the day with announcements, invites by and for members to meals and activities, and the occasional meme and/or candid action photo.
  • What kinds of events do you guys hold?
    Each month we host an onsite event for our Surfbreak Speaker Series. We invite members and selected outside guests to present on topics that we believe would be of interest to our community. Here's a tasting of our past Surfbreak Speaker Series events: July 2021: Interactive workshop on "Authentic Leadership" taught by a lecturer from The School of Life June 2021: Panel of local experts discussing "Inflation and Hawaii Restate in 2021" in conjunction with High Tide Hawaii Additionally, we offer our members early access to networking pau hanas (happy hours) from the local business accelerator Blue Startups.
  • Are the events open to the public?
    Quite a few of our events are open to selected members of the public on a space-available basis, but most require RSVPs.
  • (How) can I host an event?
    We are always on the lookout for guest speakers and great in-person content to host at Surfbreak HNL. Reach out to us at with your ideas to see if we can collaborate!
  • Can I become a vendor or partner?
    Please send us an email at with details about you or your business and what sort of partnership you are hoping to set up. We love making new connections and seek collaboration through the spirit of aloha!
  • How far are beaches, surf breaks, and hikes?"
    So close. One of the most unrealized and underappreciated aspects of Oahu is just how close world-class activities are. Go two miles from our 40th Floor penthouse space and you're in a tropical rainforest; walk ten minutes and you're at a beach. Beaches Ala Moana Beach | 10 minutes by foot with outdoor gym bars, volleyball courts, walking paths, and BBQ areas Waikiki Beach | 12 minutes by foot, with beach bars and restaurants (and lots of tourists) Kaimanas | 10-minute bike ride (use your included free Biki bikeshare pass!) to a local favorite beach spot If you want to explore past Town (what kama'aina call Honolulu) . . . Waimanalo Beach | 35 minutes by car to the "Best Beach in America" according to Conde Nast Traveler) ... try a Hui Car Share located downstairs Makapu'u Beach | 25 minutes by car for fun bodysurfing waves Lanikai Beach | 45 minutes by car for views of the Mokes, our offshore islands Yokohama Bay (Yokes) | 90 minutes by car for a long special day trip that'll transport you to a distant place Surf Breaks As if you have to ask. Some of the world's greatest surfbreaks are nearby! Bowls and Kaisers | 12-minute walk, for experienced surfers Canoes | 20-minute walk, to a break that's fantastic for first-timers or those taking a lesson Tonggs and the breaks around Diamond Head (Cliffs, Suicides, and Lighthouse) | 2 miles to breaks that are great for experienced surfers with gorgeous views If you're a big-wave surfer and have a day free for a drive, the North Shore breaks fire in the late fall and winter, including world-famous Sunset Beach and Bonzai Pipeline, plus local favorites like Chun's Reef. Hikes Manoa Falls and Diamond Head | biking distance beginner favorites Ridgeline hikes Lanipo, Pali Puka, and Ka'au Crater | 15-minute carshare ride away Koko Head | 30-minute drive for a killer workout: time yourself on a morning climb on this guy's 1,048 stairs (if you can get under 30 minutes up your first time, you're a rockstar) Other favorites include Lanikai Pillboxes (35 minutes by car to a beautiful sunrise), Lulumahu Falls (15 minutes by car to a rainforest), and the Pink Pillboxes (45 minutes by car for a daytrip on Oahu's westside).
  • What restaurants and stores are in the nearby area?
    Our neighborhood (Ala Moana) is the central shopping and dining hub of Honolulu. You could explore the shops and eateries for weeks and still have more to try. These restaurants are all within walking distance (plus Uber Eats and Grubhub are available for delivery): Breakfast / lunch / smoothies / bowls / light bites Honolulu Coffee Company Experience Center (across the street!) Olena | vegan + smoothies Yogurstory | sweet + savory breakfast/brunch Hi Blend | healthy sandwiches + smoothies + açai bowls Teddys Bigger Burgers | Hawaii's local answer to Five Guys Eggs n Things | traditional breakfast Tropical Tribe | Brazilian-style açai bowls Brew and Foam | Coffee + açai bowls Cinnamons Waikiki | full breakfast overlooking the Ala Wai marina Dinner favorites Sura | Korean BBQ (one block away!) Shokudo | Happy hour + sushi Akasaka | Traditional sushi Doraku | Fusion sushi Pho Saigon Dagon | Burmese Chart House Waikiki | affordable seafood and steaks overlooking the marina (different than the mainland chain Chart House) Dukes Waikiki | American / Hawaiian fusion (biking distance, but worth it) Bars / barfood Billions | Korean-style (across the street!) Off the Wall | dozens of self-service beer taps Amuse | self-service wine bar Tropics | dive bar with trivia nights Mai Tai Bar @ Ala Moana | live music and pupus Mai Tai Bar @ The Royal Hawaiian | classy sunset spot Pool Bar @ The Modern Hotel | blended cocktails for sunset Swell Pool Bar @ The Alohilani Hotel | trendy night spot with weekend DJs Hawaiian Brian's | billiards + music venue nightly live shows Kelly's Irish Times | open til 4am with live music and brews The following stores are available within a 10-minute walk: Ala Moana Shopping Center(one of the largest traditional malls in the world) is three blocks away, with hundreds of big box stores and local boutiques. Supermarkets Don Quijote | mix of American and Asian options (one block away!) Times Supermarket | affordable grocery chain Foodland Farms | boujee market with a wine bar Plus... Whole Foods and Safeway are each one mile away Big boxes + department stores Target Walmart Macy's Nordstrom Bloomingdales Nieman Marcus Discount stores Ross Dress For Less Marshalls TJ Maxx

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