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About Us

Surfbreak is a vibrant, inclusive global network of adventurers, remote workers, and mindful travellers united by shared life in our co-living + co-working spaces.


Our Spaces

Our co-living, coworking spaces are designed for remote workers. With the intention to nurture community, birth friendship, spark ideation, and fuel limitless personal and professional growth and production. We commit daily to live in such a manner that benefits each other and the lands, communities and world around us.

Our Community

Our members and staff are committed to ethical living; we contribute daily to each other, our communities and our planet. We leave people and things better than we found them, while becoming better versions of ourselves.


The Experience

A synergistic purpose of life, work, and play alongside a diverse and supportive community.


Experience life as a local throughout your stay at one of our co-living and co-working communities. Take advantage of a private, all-inclusive Surfbreak membership offering everything you need to live luxuriously in paradise.


Get focused and stay productive with work friendly spaces and resources provided at Surfbreak. With high speed internet and beautifully designed work areas, we ensure that you’ll have everything you need to get things done.


As a tight-knit community that accepts members on an application process, we can ensure that our space is always made up of people who genuinely get on well together. Meet other remote workers and creatives at Surfbreak, and gain lifelong friendships and connections.


Our Purpose

"My goal was to create the ideal home by creating an amazing space, surrounding yourself with stellar humans, and providing all daily essentials from soaps & linens, to snacks and a fully stocked kitchen. I remembered the best times in my life, like graduate school when I was surrounded by interesting people from around the world. We worked, played and lived together. Or when I was hosting Airbnb guests at my beach house on Oahu while building affordable and solar powered homes. Creating neighborhoods was fun, but after a week long hike/vision quest on Kauai, I stopped believing that a huge house to yourself produced happiness. 


I knew that there was a better way to live, that if there was solid management, that everyone would have more time to explore Hawaii, cultivate deep connections, and live their best lives. This real world experiment has blown through my expectations. I watched members fall in love, obtain their dream job, and live life to the fullest day after day. I’ve heard countless members say, 'I’m happier here than I’ve ever been', and that living at Surfbreak was healing, describing it as 'medicine for the soul'. As US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy has said, 'loneliness is the nation’s most serious mental health hazard'."

- R.J. Martin

Surfbreak Founder

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