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International Expansion into Puerto Escondido, Mexico: Surfbreak PXM

A Letter from Surfbreak Founder, R.J. Martin

When we launched the first co-living and co-working penthouse for remote workers in Honolulu (Surfbreak HNL) two-years ago I could never have envisioned the incredible journey it would become, or how quickly we would grow.

The success of our space in Honolulu was achieved by the love and camaraderie shared among our members, creating a truly global Ohana. Opening in the midst of a pandemic, it soon became clear that the co-living and remote work industry was particularly resilient to these challenges.

I'm beyond thrilled to unveil our next chapter - an international expansion that's been in the making. Our new four-story property on the picturesque shores of Puerto Escondido, Mexico (PXM), is set to open its doors mid-late November, 2023: Surfbreak PXM.

I created Surfbreak to build the community I longed to be a part of. My goal was to create the ideal home by creating an amazing space, surrounding yourself with stellar humans, and providing all daily essentials from soaps & linens, to snacks and a fully stocked kitchen. I remembered the best times in my life, like graduate school when I was surrounded by interesting people from around the world. We worked, played and lived together. Or when I was hosting Airbnb guests at my beach house on Oahu while building affordable and solar powered homes. Creating neighborhoods was fun, but after a week long hike/vision quest, on Kauai, I stopped believing that a huge house to yourself produced happiness.

I knew that there was a better way to live. And if there was solid management, everyone would have more time to explore Hawaii, cultivate deep connections, and live their best lives. This real world experiment has blown through my expectations. I watched members fall in love, obtain their dream job, and live life to the fullest day after day. I’ve heard countless members say, “I’m happier here than I’ve ever been”, and that living at Surfbreak was "healing", describing it as “medicine for the soul”. As US Surgeon General Dr. Vivek Murthy has said, “loneliness as the nation’s most serious mental health hazard.”

So, mission accomplished! Surfbreak HNL set the grounds for what is now becoming an international community.

As we welcome Surfbreak PXM, I hope to continue all the love, energy and intention that makes Surfbreak HNL a place members live, work, and play to the fullest.

Now, let's get to the good stuff.

THE DETAILS: Surfbreak PXM is steps from the beach in the bustling neighborhood of La Punta, in Puerto Escondido. Hundreds of excellent restaurants, shops and bars thrive nearby, and are within easy walking distance.

THE PROPERTY: Surfbreak PXM was built for you, using all we learned from our first two years in Hawaii. It features a pool, rooftop deck with views, wicked fast Internet (yes, we've got Starlink), pristine working and living spaces. We promise you will find everything you need to thrive in your life and career.

The art and architecture reflects the local culture it comes from. We’re focused on partnering with area leaders and businesses to offer you a fully integrated experience with aloha and at a discount. The capacity is just 28 bedrooms (with 11 bathrooms) to nurture close knit community among our members.

CO-WORKING IN MEXICO: Discover a new dimension of co-working and remote work spaces in the vibrant heart of Mexico. At Surfbreak PXM, we've redefined the art of working remotely by blending the natural beauty and cultural richness of Puerto Escondido with the functional and stylish workspaces our community deserves. Our co-working environment consisting of 3 glass wall work rooms, transcends boundaries, offering you the opportunity to collaborate, create, and innovate in an inspiring setting. Whether you're catching up on tasks with the sound of waves in the background or collaborating with like-minded professionals from around the world, co-working at Surfbreak PXM is an experience that seamlessly integrates work and lifestyle, allowing you to thrive in both.

SURF: You might surf, or want to! Surfbreak PXM is near dozens of world-class waves including the famed "Mexican Pipeline." For beginners and intermediates the protected cove of "Carrizalillo" and “La Punta” are nearby.

If the co-living and co-working benefits offered by the community fostered at Surfbreak resonate with you, I sincerely hope you take part in the celebration of an adventure-filled life.

Surfbreak leaves people, places and things better than we found them.

I’m excited to embark on this adventure, and welcome all who resonate with our mission to join us at Surfbreak PXM, Surfbreak HNL, and wherever else our travel bug calls us.

R.J. Martin

Surfbreak founder

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